Augmented Reality Applications Development in Sri Lanka

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World through the Lens

nexttedge designs, develops, and deploys compelling AR & VR for Android, HoloLens, iOS and ARKit

Explore AR/VR Experiences

Being a leading augmented reality software company, we develop powerful AR/VR apps that deliver
immersive virtual experiences through gesture-based interaction



    We offer world-class augmented reality
    consultancy to educate, entertain and
    market a brand



    Our Strategy is to bring up to speed with
    AR technology and lets you put your front foot
    forward in augmented space


    App Development

    Our creative developers offer unmatched
    AR app development solutions at affordable
    prices within proposed time

Why use Augmented Reality?

Product Interactivity

Augmented Reality empowers you to evolve your digital properties by delivering a unique 3D immersive experience to users

Extend your Reach

A great tool to spread awareness for your brand. Use the innovation to make your brand come alive and increase your consumer base

Interactive Marketing

Unlike images and banners, augmented reality builds a strong connection with your customers by delivering lifelike ads that can even interact with them

Boosting Sales

AR ads offer a better opportunity for marketers to keep their customers informed and help them to engage with your brand on multiple devices

Tools and Technologies

Using AR libraries with open Source API is the best way to ease the AR app development process. Our full-stack developers are highly experienced to use high-tech
tools and technologies so that they can give a perfect vision to your idea, you can touch, feel and experience

  • unity
  • vuforia
  • artoolkit
  • wikitude
  • layar
  • unreal
  • oculus
  • htc_vive
  • gear_vr
  • daydream

AR and VR Solutions for Multiple platforms

To stimulate the environment for a compelling customer experience,
every industry is utilizing the VR apps for greater visual engagement.


Deliver realistic simulation of medical procedures

Real Estate

Showcase properties, buildings or apartments from 3D perspective


Build interactive learning apps for students and distant learning

VR games

Give realistic 3D experience to make interactive games

Ready to Get Started?

We like fast - the same way the technology market moves. In the time it takes you to say "I've got a great idea", someone else has already started working on a similar project half the world away. Tell us about your idea, and we're sure we can take you to the next level.

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